Wild Queendoms: Three Pamphlets by Iona Lee, Liz Berry, and Claire Walker

Iona Lee by Iona Lee Somewhere Between Rose and Black by Claire Walker The Republic of Motherhood by Liz Berry

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Three Happenstance Pamphlets by Jennifer Copley, Will Harris & Lois Williams

Jennifer Copley, Some Couples Will Harris, All This Is Implied Lois Williams, Like Other Animals – Reviewed by Becky Varley–Winter

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Saboteur Awards 2018: Spotlight on the Best Poetry Pamphlet Shortlist

The wonderful thing about the Saboteur Awards is that the public-nominated shortlisted essentially supplies you with a whole new reading

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Sad Press Pamphlets by Daisy Lafarge, Emilia Weber & Eley Williams

Daisy Lafarge, understudies for air Emilia Weber, FAMILIARS Eley Williams, Frit – Reviewed by Becky Varley–Winter – In these three

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Pamper Me to Hell & Back by Hera Lindsay Bird

– Reviewed by Becky Varley–Winter – In Pamper Me to Hell & Back, Hera Lindsay Bird keeps running through wildflowers and

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Material & care

Outer fabric material: 57% silk, 43% linen

Care instructions: Dry clean only


Pattern: Plain

Article number: ET852R00R-K11