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Chine Monastir Voltaire amp; Jumper Zadig Gris

Material & care

Outer fabric material: 100% wool

Fabric: Knit

Care instructions: Dry clean only


Neckline: Low-cut v-neck

Pattern: Marl

Article number: Z2122Q00D-B11

Zadig & Voltaire

Voltaire Monastir Chine Gris Jumper amp; Zadig ZaqxfSE5

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Voltaire Monastir Chine Gris Jumper amp; Zadig ZaqxfSE5 Voltaire Monastir Chine Gris Jumper amp; Zadig ZaqxfSE5 Voltaire Monastir Chine Gris Jumper amp; Zadig ZaqxfSE5 Voltaire Monastir Chine Gris Jumper amp; Zadig ZaqxfSE5 Voltaire Monastir Chine Gris Jumper amp; Zadig ZaqxfSE5
Gris Zadig Jumper amp; Voltaire Chine Monastir